HOPE Initiative - How it Works! 


By 2030, our vision is to accomplish the following: (1) Drastically reduce poverty in targeted areas of The Bahamas and Dominican Republic. (2) Provide ways and means for sustainable self-stability for individuals, families, and communities. (3) Develop emerging biblical servant leaders and social entrepreneurs for ongoing community development and transformation.

Phase one of our vision is to achieve, through the vehicles of economics, biblical leadership training and mentoring; empowerment of the underprivileged to break the cycle of poverty and apathy. This not only transforms individuals and families but complete communities.

Unique Value Proposition
Our CTC Network USA programs allow individuals, families, and communities opportunities to embrace a hand-up and not simply another short lived hand-out. Our initiatives help restore dignity by uniting communities through commerce, education,and social development programs. We take our programs not only to urban areas, but also rural and often remote communities rich in human and natural resources; which give hope for a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

Ministry Background
The CTC Network USA is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides consulting, training, and coaching services to community leaders and individuals throughout North America and Caribbean. The CTC Network USA has offices in three nations.

Business Model &Strategy
Put simply, CTC is executing a two-phase strategy: 1) Provide micro-credit programs. 2) Develop a sustainable agricultural/live-stock model business in each targeted nation.


Products & Services
Fully equipped Enterprise & Biblical Leadership Development Centres ( HOPE Centres). Youth preparedness programs in area schools. Retail products from model businesses.

Our strategy begins with The 5R Cirle Process